Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Final teachers trip to Bergen, May 2015

 All the teachers from Slovenia, Spain, Slovakia, Norway, Greece, Holland and Germany joining the trip to Norway

 German coordinator

 Beautiful Bergen I

 Beautiful Bergen II

 Beautiful Bergen III

 Fjord cruise

 German coordinator at the wonderful school of Arna, the workplace of our Norwegian colleagues

 Beautiful Bergen IV

 Bergen at 11.3 0pm

 11.35 pm

 11.36 pm

 Bergen harbour

 Exploring the beautiful Fjord landscape

 Thorsten Lippert and his friendly Norwegian colleague Anne Mette

 Fjord images I

 Fjord images II

 Fjord images III

 Fjord images IV


Fjord images V

Trip to Thessaloniki and Athens, March 2015

First coffee break with all the Comenius teachers joining the trip to Greece

Typical Greek dinner

White Tower of Thessaloniki, one of the city symbols

Discovering ancient Thessaloniki

 Alexander the Great statue in Thessaloniki

Media workshop at the university of Thessaloniki

 Hellooooo Athens

 Without any words

 At the Akropolis museum

The famous Parthenon Temple on the Akropolis hill 

 The German delegation having dinner

 German delegation in front of Parthenon

 Akropolis hill

German students being exhausted after a long week in Greece 

 Finally, the sun came out on our last day

Some more of Parthenon

All the students and teachers joining the trip to Greece

Trip to Slovenia, March 2014

Judith Schmitt and Thorsten Lippert, the teachers

Wine tasting in Koper

Walking along the coast of Slovenia

Having a rest by the beach

Comenius teachers applying for the "Next superstar"

Visit of the city hall of Koper

Looking behind the scenes I

Looking behind the scenes II

Workshops about media at the university of Koper

Having a rest

Discovering Postojna Cave

Group picture at our hostel

Our German students joining us to Slovenia

Another group picture in Piran

Judith Schmitt, Thorsten Lippert, Theodoros Goutas (dear colleague from Greece)

All the Comenius teachers joining the trip to Slovenia

saying "thank you" for the great hospitality to the headmaster